August 27, 2010

International NOTAMs Effective September 1, 2010

不符合noams标准的航空公司,在飞经或飞越美国领空之前,必须申请国际豁免. Visit the TSA Office of Airspace Waivers website for additional information.


Single-trip Waiver
授权飞机操作者在美国及其属地的领空内进行飞行. 这项豁免可授予申请涉及一架或多架飞机的单日或多日飞行的公司和/或组织. The waiver may be issued for up to 90 days.
Fleet Waiver
Authorizes aircraft operators to operate to/from, within, 以及美国领空及其属地上空. Waivers may be granted to individual pilots, 公司和/或组织申请的一日游或多天游航班涉及两个或更多的飞机. A Fleet Waiver will be issued for a maximum of 3-months.

Automatic Detection and Processing Terminal (ADAPT): 加强国土安全部(DHS)执行空域规则的能力, DHS has implemented a joint program between the FAA, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and TSA known as ADAPT. ADAPT系统是空中交通管制员和安全人员的关键预警系统,允许他们验证身份, threat and movement of aircraft operating worldwide. 该系统目前正在运行,并与现有的TSA和CBP能力完全集成, 这为识别和处理感兴趣的飞机的能力提供了实质性的飞跃.

TSA Office of Airspace Waivers

Commonly referred to as the “TSA Waiver Office,美国运输安全管理局空域豁免办公室(Office of空域豁免)协调运营商寻求救助的过程, or waivers, 对进出美国或国内空域的限制.

The office hours for the TSA Office of Airspace Waivers are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. The office is closed on US Federal Holidays.

Waiver requests must be submitted using the online FAA/TSA Airspace Access Program.


International Unit

国际组处理FDC 6/7435(前往/从美国以外地点的行动)的豁免申请.

Ada Johnson:
Linda Robey:

Domestic Unit

内务组负责处理豁免特别活动补助金的申请, and other domestic restrictions.

Reggie Rhodes:
Brien Blalock:

Modifications to Your Waiver/Quality Assurance

Ada Johnson (Modifications):
Reggie Rhodes (Quality Assurance):

Waiver Office Administration

Kerwin Wilson, Branch Chief:
Reggie Rhodes, Deputy Branch Chief: